Small businesses are the largest source of employment in America. Your influence is greater than you may think. Together we can set a superior example of Christ centered living at work and home, combining our light to make a more brilliant impression to the world. 

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Our Mission

To demonstrate the united power of Christ and His church in the workplace and home.


Let’s grow together

Growing a business can be a tough gig, trust us we know, we have been there. Yet, we came out on the other side, learned lessons, scraped our elbows and knees, but successful no less. We have learned some valuable lessons along the way and united a terrific group of mentors, peers, investors, technologies, processes and professionals. You may be reading this with your grand idea in the back of your mind, looking for answers on how to put it into place. You may have an existing business or service you’d like to take the next level. You may have a difficult time bringing your faith into the workplace. We can help you find answers, gain perspective, improve communication, polish plans, help connect you to the right people, and obtain the superior skills. With a little gumption, grit and can-do attitude we can do this together and have a more fulfilling time doing it.