About Faith Testimonies

Gentlemen getting ready to film a testimonial

One of the most significant ways to engage a non-believer is through the heartfelt testimony of a Christian. Sharing our personal stories with conviction and sincerity speaks truth and encouragement to those listening. It can shape the path for someone's spiritual birth in Christ and help the hurting believer to overcome a trial. We believe the testimonies produced can lead to heart change and redemption.

Lady waiting to film a testimonial

Safari operates an internal production studio in its headquarters. We search for the stories that need to be told, producing and releasing all content in-house. Safari seeks to produce the most extensive single library of Christian testimonies anywhere in the world, to be featured in 2019. As we expand, each Safari Networking Center will be fully equipped with a local production studio. Each location will be able to produce more videos at a growing rate of speed, reaching as many people as possible.