Safari Media & Entertainment

Safari Media & Entertainment is a permanent division of Safari, producing authentic faith-based films about living both with Christ and without. There are oceans of untold stories that can provide an extraordinary impact on humanity. Through confronting doubts and secular subjects head-on, Safari can help bring the message of scriptural truth. We want to demonstrate the true satisfaction of Christ-centered living. We have been called to spread the gospel and seek to do so effectively with important methods to impact culture through arts and entertainment.

Christian film

Walking with Herb

Our First project as co-producer, Walking with Herb, is a compelling story displaying some dominant themes. Tragedy strikes this family with the loss of a child and grandchild. Faith was tried and very nearly lost until God stepped in with an extraordinary plan. Starring Edward James Olmos, George Lopes, and Kathleen Quinlan this movie is sure to move some hearts in a powerful way. This is only the beginning of what we hope to accomplish.

Faith-based film

Upcoming projects

We currently have some exciting Faith-based film projects in the pipeline. We are negotiations to secure rights to a new feature film. The story is based on a real-life couple covering divorce, betrayal and ultimately reconciliation. As this family finally experiences peace and victory, tragedy strikes. Faith is tested, trust is tried, and hope is found again. At the center of this film are Christ and his power to redeem even the worst of situation.