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An entrepreneur was born

Over the years, I witnessed a variety of lifestyles, beliefs, and forms of pursuing fulfillment. I grew up in a toxic, broken home. I experienced heartbreak and severe abuse as a child. I was on my own at the age of 15. I worked my way into management in a security technology business in my late teens and founded my first business in my early 20’s. I’ve built and sold a business, invented new products, and ran an international operation I founded. I survived one of the worst economic meltdowns in U.S. history, lost nearly everything and rebuilt it all from the ground up. For almost a decade, I also led and produced a national business training enterprise with over 30,000 graduates from around the world. Through it all, I always enjoyed helping people learn, identify their potential, and have the courage to pursue their dreams.


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Coming Home

After investigating a plethora of faith-oriented beliefs and lifestyles, at the age of 27, I made my public profession of faith in a Southern Baptist Church in West Hills, California. In the following 20 years, virtually nothing in my life had changed. I did not regularly attend worship. I wasn’t feeding my mind and heart by investing in scripture. I didn’t have any real discipleship, and while running large organizations consisting of non-believers, or believers in alternative religions, I was lost and confused. I had doubts about the verses of the Bible I swept under the rug. I had no concept of what it was to lead my family with Christ at the center. I was frustrated and discouraged. At age 45, I met with wife Ingrid. She insisted we attend church, and I found us quickly arguing, and my heart was resisting. Shortly after we married, I was ready to give up. She prayed I argued. Suddenly, there was a change. We had a meeting at the right moment, with the right Pastor, and he opened the right scripture.

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Growing in Christ

I’ve often said I believed, but I didn’t understand. In what felt like an instant, I, and I began to see the world through an entirely new set of eyes. I delved into Christian apologetics, and I confronted every secret doubt of various Bible verses I’d ever held. The roots began to take hold. Before this period, Christ was someone I felt I was competing with. After my heart was opened, I wanted Christ at the center of my home, my marriage, my life, and my business. Love began to overtake guilt and shame. I felt like I could see the bigger picture in everything going on around me. I reconciled my salvation, and doubt vanished. I loved the Lord, and I knew He loved me, and I could recall the evidence of His love spanning previous decades.

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A need to be met

As better understanding and balance took hold of my life, I realized how big the mission field was not only in my personal life but in my professional life. I contemplated the number of hours and years I spent experiencing life, creating and overcoming challenges with non-believers. I was suddenly inspired with ideas and desires to set a better example for those around me and to build curiosity in others about life with Christ at the center. While watching a confused world further falling away, I became aware of the relevance of my past, my conditioning, my experiences, and how to do my part in helping unite Christians. I had a hunger to help them answer the hard questions and deepen their faith and resolve, to create a sanctuary and a way for believers to feel more comfortable bringing Christ to the center of every aspect of their lives. As a father, I saw the desperate struggles of my own children as they tried to wrap their arms around the conflict between their faith and the influences of the world.

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Safari was born

Safari is an inspired vision to support the church and the body of Christ by helping people find a way to fill the gaps and hold steadfast in their faith against intimidating influences. Safari is about being surrounded by other believers of like-mind and heart, to increase the wind into the sails of the scripture, to discovery its inerrancy, and more fully embrace the truth. Safari is just one more way believers can express their faith in increasingly consistent and remarkable ways, and I pray that Safari spins off millions of new testimonies for the only way to authentic fulfillment, through Christ.