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Safari Christian Business Alliance headquarters

Safari Christian Business Alliance is an exciting new company headquartered in the ‘City of the Crosses’, Las Cruces, New Mexico. Safari was a lifetime in the making for its Founder, Anthony ‘Tony’ Dohrmann, and is now a subsidiary of his company SameDay Security, Inc. who owns the technology brands Addison Care, Electronic Caregiver, and PocketMD.

Christian business networking

Tony has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager. Starting off in the commercial, security technology and services industry in 1984, Tony has experienced great success in his career as an entrepreneur. He has founded multiple companies and experienced great commercial success. His products have been featured and sold on national programs such as QVC. He has established industry partnerships that have revolutionized the health monitoring industry. He also helped to raise nearly 100 million dollars in capital to fund his business ventures. Not only has he grown national brands but has consulted with many different companies leading to true business success.

Having spent 10 years in the public speaking and entrepreneurial training industry and producing leading seminars in both health technologies and entrepreneurial education; Tony has gained valuable experience with venture and private equity financing and managed endeavors through takeovers during some of the most challenging economic downturns and environments.

During his time leading national entrepreneur based seminars, Tony filled a need for providing cutting-edge education and quality professional networking experiences to existing businesses and startup companies. These seminars helped business owners improve communication skills, structure new companies, improve plans, develop new ideas, build teams, and access new markets. Despite the success of these events, there were numerous issues that Tony identified for the attendees. There was something missing. These events were often more focused on the celebrity status of the speakers and trainers rather than attendees themselves. The content and instruction took a significant hit because of missed focus. Business seminars are often very expensive, require business owners to leave behind business obligations and offer no support after the event. Most importantly, Tony was lacking a relationship with Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Rather than focusing on eternal values, Tony was focused on self-empowerment. 

After initially making a profession of faith at 27, Tony still was lacking a sincere relationship with Jesus. Nothing really changed in his life. He left the seminar industry after designing a more capable model. He was constantly asked if he was ever going to launch a new program? He couldn’t yet, there was still something missing.

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A lot happened between leaving the seminar industry and creating Safari. Before launching Safari Christian Business Alliance Tony established multiple companies. These companies founded new technologies that will very likely shape the future of health care in the United States and the world. Tony has been a pioneer in combining augmented and virtual reality to better meet the needs of our aging population while also driving down the costs to caregivers and hospitals nationwide. A network was established that connected home care companies, universities, hospitals, and caregivers to drive down costs and create greater profitability. Probably, most exciting of all of this was the relationship that was cultivated between Electronic Caregiver and tech giant Amazon. Amazon has regularly featured Electronic caregiver’s work and instilled even greater confidence in Tony’s innovative vision.

In 2013, Tony officially accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. His relationship with the Lord began to flourish as he began studying His Bible and growing in his faith. More and more he became involved with his church, focusing his marriage on biblical principles and conviction to support numerous church missions. Tony knew at that moment and still knows, God is good! Out of this relationship with God, the vision for Safari was born. A production company was built to create a relevant high impact, quality Christian films. Safari began building an online testimonial platform where anyone can go and find someone who is facing similar struggles to their own and leave encouraged. In addition to this, Safari is working on creating a program to experience the Bible in fully immersive virtual reality’ This also opened the door to establishing a virtual reality program where entrepreneurs will be immersed in real-life training scenarios. They will be able to experience what it’s like to present to a room of investors, practice selling products in different situations and many more practical scenarios.

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Safari is not about egos and celebrity authors and trainers. It’s about Christ first and foremost, the ultimate source of wisdom. Safari is an opportunity to enhance smart productivity while creating environments where skills can not only be obtained but put into action in environments filled with countless amounts of equally yoked, like-minded professionals. By uniting Christians in the 21st-century guild of innovation and services, the combined light of authentic Christian living, not only brings confidence, but it can bring a strong and powerful example of a Christ-centered life. Together, we can attract the questions and curiosity of non-believers through our growing organizations and those we employ and serve. We can set better examples at home and not just be Christians on Sunday, but all day, every day. We can enjoy a safe and growing sanctuary with the freedom to better express ourselves. We can develop better skills to communicate our faith, answer more difficult questions, learn to work daily for the Glory of God and become a light felt around the world.

We hope you will join us!