Safari Media and Entertainment

Walking with Herb promotional poster

Safari has completed and wrapped its first feature film as a co-producer and investor in the movie Walking With Herb. The film is a universal appeal project about faith, healing from tragedy, and reconciliation with God. The film stars Edward James Olmos, Kathleen Quinlan, George Lopez, Chris McDonald, and Billy Boyd. Walking With Herb is currently in post-production and already being presented to distributors such as Sony Acclaim and Lionsgate.

Edward James Olmos, Tony Dohrmann, Kathleen Quinlan

The Safari Media & Entertainment division is now in negotiations for a feature film. The story is based on an exciting and popular book and testimony of a family that suffered betrayal, divorce, and an unexpected reconciliation. The family’s miraculous turn around is then followed by a sudden tragedy involving a child that tests the boundaries of their faith, future, and plans. The project presents difficult challenges, the often undisclosed destruction to the family through divorce, manipulation, pride, and selfishness. Christ is displayed as the ultimate redeemer of the terrible situations. In Jesus was victory found.

Tony Dohrmann, Wife Ingrid Dohrmann and George Lopez

Safari Media & Entertainment is a permanent division of Safari. A percentage of all services and Safari memberships will go towards producing authentic feature films about living both with Christ and without. Safari believes there are oceans of untold stories that can provide an extraordinary impact on humanity. Through confronting doubts and secular subjects head-on, Safari can help bring the message of scriptural truth. We want to demonstrate the true satisfaction Christ-centered living. We have been called to spread the gospel and seek to do so effectively with important methods to impact culture through arts and entertainment.