3 ways Safari is committed to your success

A little over 14 years ago, baseball history was made in the greatest possible fashion. On October 20, 2004, the Boston Red Sox successfully mounted the greatest comeback in American Sports history. They started their seven-game series losing their first three games. All the New York Yankees needed to do was win one last game. Instead, the Red Sox surged to a four-game win streak, despite all odds securing their spot in the world series. In the end, they beat the St Louis Cardinals and became world champions for the first time in 86 years, snapping one of the longest championship droughts in all baseball.

Success didn’t come easy for the Red Sox they had to look defeat in the face and believe in their core they could overcome it. The pressure was intense but they had the answer that we miss all too often. That is, in spite of failure you can never give up on your dreams.

Real success doesn’t come easy for most people. The Red Sox are excellent proof of that, it did not come easy for them. Down three games, one away from losing it all. Failure already packed the bags for the Red Sox. In three of their last four games, they looked like they were going to lose, yet they persevered came back and won. Sweet, sweet victory was finally theirs.

Just like the Red Sox, the harder we are willing to work for our dreams, the more likely they are to come true. At Safari we work hard every single day to make sure your dreams have a fighting chance at success.

People and partnerships

There is an interesting rule called, The six degrees of separation. Essentially, this rule says that you are only six people away from anyone in the world. For example, I am six introductions from a chain of people away from the President of the United States. This rule has been proven to be mostly accurate. You can read more about that here on a study that Microsoft did about the six degrees of Separation.

We believe in that rule. That is what makes Safari so important, it’s about connecting people together for positive growth and results. Being an entrepreneur can be hard enough. You got the stellar idea, you’re ready to change the world, only to fall flat. You don’t have the resources to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

Don’t worry, the people you will meet at Safari sessions do. Never before have you experienced an event that produces results and real business contacts so consistently. Month in and month out, your contact list will grow. Your knowledge will multiply and likelihood for success will increase. All because you’re willing to put in the work and make some serious contacts.

The people that you meet at Safari sessions are there for the same reasons you should be. To learn traits for success, to meet people that can help and lend advice to those who could use it. Never before have you experienced an environment where people are so willing to help.

Wealth of resources

We really want to help you be successful. That’s why we want our members to have access to a pirates treasure worth of materials and templates to advance you and your business.

Every month Safari will produce Business Development Events covering a wide variety of topics that are relevant, effective and practical. This is all done with you in mind. These events cover topics like capital raising, protecting your intellectual property and advanced networking.

We will also be hosting our Safari Grid sessions. They are a combination of expert, rapid mentoring to refine the way you make offers and requests. It then transforms into a transactional event as you engage in an afternoon of the most effective, personalized, direct networking you’ve ever experienced. In the Grid Session, you will develop lifelong skills, partnerships, and friends.

Most exciting of all the resources that we produce will be available at Safari Online. Safari members will be able to network with other members nationwide growing their contact book even more. Members will also have access to materials, tutorials and templates to develop everything from investment offerings to licensing agreements.

God and business

Last, and definitely most important, we put Christ at the front and center of everything that we do. Our mission statement describes this perfectly, “To demonstrate the unified power of Christ and His church in the workplace and home.”

As much as we want to see each one of you successful, we want to see Christ glorified that much more. We believe that the successes that we receive are ultimately from God, the provider of all good things. We strive to simply be a tool for his use to minister to the needs of our members with the unique vision He has provided for us.

Every session that we hold will be opened and closed in a word of prayer. Scripture will line our walls, and we spray spiritual growth will occur. The Bible reminds us in 1 Corinthians 10:31, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”