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Safari Executive Exchange Session (SEES)

The Ultimate Networking Experience!

Once a skill is introduced, understood and refined by structured routines, Safari live action networking sections are engaged, called the Safari Executive Exchange Session (SEES). The SEES session incorporates the benefits of group speed networking, with a higher level of conviction and follow-up processes between committed, contracted, permanent members. Connections are quickly made to professionals specializing in key areas.

Members can leverage their own address book contacts, with the those rapidly obtained and developed within the network, to connect the dots of success, and to create important, professional engagements. These activities frequently result in equity participation, overrides and ancillary revenue streams that contribute to a member’s annual income.

The foundational principles behind Safari are based on Scriptural values. Members are expected to work with conforming integrity. Safari is a place where giving is the primary focus. When all give, all receive. Safari is a place to tithe a member’s expertise, experience, relationships, and key resources for the wellbeing, growth and development of other Christian entrepreneurs.


The Safari Executive Exchange Session is a live, rotating process among members who are organized into hundreds of brainstorming circles consisting of 5 members in each circle. The brainstorming group collaborates in carefully arranged member groups to collectively focus on each individual member’s needs while refining each member’s offer of services, or request of resources. Each individual professional receives 10 minutes of consultation, from their group. Once the brainstorming collaboration is done SEES empowers members with the opportunity to rapidly pitch and present needs and offers to the other circle groups, accessing hundreds of established professionals to resolve priority agendas. More personal connections to valuable resources can be added to an entrepreneurs address book over a few sessions than can be normally engaged after decades of living.


Safari believes the benefits of face-to-face communication and the skill of developing personal relationships are quickly diminishing in today’s media indulgent, social networking, digitally connected, environment. The emerging generations that represent the future of our business, politics and family leadership increasingly avoid the engagement of interpersonal relationships with meaningless, dismissive, electronic correspondences while holding expectations for greater accomplishments higher than ever. This void of humble fellowship is a recipe for disappointment and failure.

Safari offers the monthly Executive Exchange Session. The session follows each monthly business instruction series. The SEES is where newly taught skills are immediately put into action. The sessions are an innovative, rotational, live entrepreneurial fellowship activity designed to rapidly organize required resources to advance professional agendas. Members engage with a large, fast expanding, committed community of Christian entrepreneurs who pledge to give their contacts, creativity and expertise to advance the agendas of fellow Christian members. Based on the published average number of contacts each individual American adult knows (600), a member has immediate access to 600,000 prospective contacts for solutions from a single monthly SEES event.

During a SEES members are not only likeminded, faith-based and committed, they are under strict policy and member guidelines to enforce compliance to regulate attention, access and follow-through among members. Offers and requests can be made to organize affiliates, customers, referral sources, team members, capital sources, product development assistance, marketing success and countless other outcomes. There is no better way to present offers and requests to a more committed audience, than at a Safari Executive Exchange Session.

How SEES Works

Up to 1,000 chairs are organized in circles of five for member placement. 200 circles of 5 equals 1,000 members in a single location. Pledge cards for follow up are stacked in the center of every circle. A facilitator from the podium directs a rotational brainstorming fellowship session across the groups. As the session begins, 10 minutes is invested by the other 4 professionals in the circle, focused on identifying the next need in order of priority for a particular member’s professional agenda. The brainstorming circles assist the member in-focus on organizing a short, professional presentation or pitch, of approximately 60 to 120 seconds. The brainstorming circle will help the member in-focus develop a more compelling statement of their offer or request, updating their methods and the way words are organized for better impact, and to clarify the member’s vision.

Time will be called and the next 10 minutes of the session will be focused on the next individual member in the circle so they receive equal support and attention. The brainstorming circle sessions unite and blend the input and expertise of other professionals and assist with self observation and analysis of current communication skills. Entrepreneurs are often confused about what the next priority is and they are often less effective at stating offers and requests than they currently believe. Over the course of 12 months of sessions not only are personal, professional milestones met, members receive input from other professionals that can improve techniques in unimaginable ways. Years of Toastmaster events cannot hold a candle to the impact of so many examples, so much personal attention and such powerful instruction.

After all 1,000 members have received equal value and attention over 50 minutes of the brainstorming session, the room is reset and a blessing is given to begin the resource exchange. One member from each circle will rise when the session begins, turn and seek another circle to drop into. The recipients of the member within the new circle will lean in to hear the presentation, offer or request from the visiting member. If they have contacts, ideas or expertise to share they will quickly fill in a pledge card which regulates the follow-up process. Each pledge card is graded according to the following formula:

    A. I have the resource, connection or expertise to assist you. I have the ability and I fully commit that I can, and will, ensure a positive outcome for you.

    B. I have the resource, connection or expertise to assist you and it’s strong. I have influence to get it done but I can’t fully guarantee a positive outcome for you.

    C. I have a resource, connection, or expertise to assist you, but it’s limited. This may or may not result in the solution to what you are working to accomplish.

Once a member has received the available assistance from the circle they are currently visiting, they rise, turn and seek another circle with an empty chair. Other members are urged to wave members over when a current visitor is departing. The process is repeated and a single member may present an offer or request, face to face, to hundreds of other members in a single session. After time is called visiting members return to their host circle. The next member is then prepared and the entire process begins again until all members have had their opportunity to present to other members. At the conclusion there is a closing blessing by the host facilitator at the podium to reconnect hearts and minds to the mission of following up.

The facility remains open and operating after the Safari Executive Exchange Session concludes to support 90 minutes of open, initial follow-up between members.

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