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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Safari Christian Business Alliance?
Safari combines the value of the world’s best business seminars, advanced peer-to-peer networking, and the benefits of a trade show, inside a monthly, continual, supportive venue. Safari is the ultimate resource for continuing entrepreneurial education, rapid business development and expansion, and access to customers, alliances, new skills, remarkable networking, expertise, markets, capital, and support. Safari has designed member support to include apologetics seminars, youth programs, and services to build Christian strength in remarkable numbers. Safari provides a professional community, based in Christian faith, a community igniting Christian missions for businesses, families, youth, soul winning, health, education and churches.

Who Joins?
CEOs, executive teams, service business owners, sales team leaders, opportunity seekers, product business owners, inventors, innovators, technology companies, product development professionals, marketing experts, franchise owners and experts, startup entrepreneurs, public relations specialists, home based business owners, authors, film makers, artists, singers, health professionals, educational professionals, consultants, mentors, board members, advisors, lawyers, accountants, venture firms, private investors, retired with skills, dreamers, creative professionals, advertising experts, brand builders, capital seekers, non-profit builders, retailers, e-tailers, distributors, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, and more.

Most importantly, the membership includes Christians! Business owners, entrepreneurs, customers, service providers and creative hearts and minds attend to interact, and engage with, faith-based, Christ loving, high integrity members. Our membership is kind, competent, generous, and attending to tithe their experience, contacts and time into the well being, development and growth of fellow Christian entrepreneurs.

There’s no similar or available resource that can provide the acceleration, resources and direction of The Safari Christian Business Alliance. Small business is the largest single source of employment in America. Together we can create a positive, wholesome example for the largest group of souls waiting to be saved in the United States. We don’t want individuals trying to emulate celebrities and secular achievers. We work together to strengthen the Christian base, and to establish better role models who center their objectives, marriages, and business practices around Christ.

Is Safari For me?
Are you interested in growing your talents and capabilities, while reinforcing faith-based doctrine? Are you interested in being embraced by a supportive environment that can help you achieve success, while setting the highest example of living in Christ, across all areas of your life? Are you eager to learn techniques and to gain networking skills and educational knowledge, from seasoned faith-based professionals and mentors across America? Are you interested in further developing your God-given talents in order to better contribute to humanity and exalt Christ? If the answer is YES, Safari is for you!

How Valuable Is Joining Safari?
Given the benefits, value and support Safari offers, what you gain is far greater than the cost. Consider the costs of gaining relevant and exciting new skills, in a country where the average cost of college tuition is $18,000 per year. Contemplate what is paid for direct access to a multitude of new customers, in a market economy where the average Yellow Pages display ad is $17,000 per year. Weigh the cost of direct access to rapidly expanding referral sources, and high-volume marketing affiliates, when most professional trade events exceed $500 per event. What is the worth of fellowship with accomplished mentors, exposure to valuable ideas, and innovations with people that are encouraging, supportive and like-hearted? With each consideration, you’ll find evidence that the value provided by Safari outweighs the cost.

With Safari you will learn things that you would never learn in school about business and achievement. Safari is a combination of first-class continual business education, monthly trade events and seminars, combined with affordable access to new business concepts, customers, and revenue. The members you will align with are highly skilled professionals, which are faithful, and become life-changing, positive influences.

The price of membership is fully tax deductible. That means you can exchange a tax dollar for an income dollar. The cost of membership is a dollar already forfeited, which you can now redirect for a direct return on investment in the form of value, professional growth, personal development, and expanded business achievements. Furthermore, the member discount benefits and savings each year, far exceed the cost of membership. Lastly, the average cost of an inferior comparative business seminar is an average of $5000, and it’s over in a week. Safari never ends, is a fraction of the cost, provides daily and monthly support all year round, and exponential access to all the critical, ground breaking contacts and resources you most need next.

What additional benefits and discounts are available?
All businesses and start up companies incur regular expenses. Safari has partnered with several companies to offer its members generous discounts on the vast majority of the most common types of expenses. There are discounts available on rental cars, airfare, hotels, printing, shipping, legal services, media services, and retail stores.

Additionally, Safari offers weekly youth classes for teenagers (ages 12 to 17) to help reinforce their faith against their many overwhelming influences. There are monthly celebrity pastors, authors, and apologetics presentation tours. Members receive discounts on the use of our multimedia center for their presentations and events, as well as discounts on our Christian product boutiques, and the ability for them to add their products and services to our Safari Store.

Will Safari Affect My Local Church?
Yes, in all positive ways! That is one of Safari’s main goals! What would be the possibilities for your congregation if they had access to professional broadcast-quality media producers, at reasonable rates? How much of a blessing would be found in strength gained by your youth group increasing in experience and expertise in the ability to answer anyone that questions their faith? What could your church do with an increase in tithes and offerings given from the success of its faithful businessmen and entrepreneurs?

Consider the following compelling question as a Safari call to action. How often do members of the local church have difficulties with finances? Financial difficulties are one of the top 4 contributors to divorce and stress in the home. Imagine how the local church could benefit from members empowered to find career success, and thereby relieving much of the burden of financial difficulty. Think of the joy that will be found in achieving that success without being asked to deviate from God’s way.

Finally, American small businesses are the largest single source of employment. This base of American’s have a greater ability to set an example to more employed individuals than the Hollywood film industry, and other secular enterprises. Safari helps elevate community business leaders in capabilities, influence, and testimony, deepening their conviction to restore America’s faith, by setting a superior examples, to those they work with each day.

How Will Safari Supplement The Efforts Of My Local Church?
In looking upon the relationship between business and church, there is an understandable negative stigma. We are mindful of Jesus Christ and how he drove out the moneychangers from the temple.

“And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,
And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”
– Matthew 21:12-13

The Bible demonstrates an important line between mixing business and Christianity. Support of Christian businesspeople and their dreams by other Christians is, however, a necessity. The mission of spreading the Gospel is too important to deviate from and this leaves a void in the support, education, and skills that Christian businesspeople need to have successful careers.

Safari is the initiative to stand in the gap. With Safari, Christians no longer need to be reserved concerning the blessings of God on our finances, or stumble about seeking answers on how to Biblically lead in our business efforts. Through Safari, Christians will be united, educated, equipped and zealously ready to forge forward in any field, so that Christians will lead the trends of society.

How does Safari differ from the offerings of the Chamber Of Commerce, or Small Business Development Center?
All these resources are devoid of training, continual support and education on business planning, team building and capital raising skills. They lack the necessary amount of referral sources and access to new customers. They fall far short of the system of support Safari gives to new and existing business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Safari culture is wholesome, providing what is required for successful, desired and appropriate outcomes. Our rules of conduct regulate expectations and protect our members all while equipping them with skills that are highly useful, and immediately relevant. Additionally, Safari members receive continual boosts from endless access to new contacts, presenting members a wealth of opportunity.

Many Chamber mixers and traditional networking mixers openly supply alcohol and an environment that invites inappropriate behavior, and intentions. These events are usually absent of effective support, and are postured more as popularity contests for boasting and appearances. Safari is wholesome, professional, faith-based, educational, and designed for serious, non-nonsense achievements and goals.

Join now and make a tremendous difference!


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