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Safari sessions are scheduled throughout the year and occur each month, with up to 1,000 members meeting for trainings and networking, at each city facility. Primary monthly Safari events occur on the same Saturday of each month. In addition to Safari primary business events, there are Thursday evening Safari Youth classes that members can register their children for, ages 13 to 17. The Safari Youth program is designed to assist teenage Christians with how to respond to secular opposition and influences. Youth often feel discouraged when confronted before their peers with difficult questions and science. Safari Youth incorporates apologetic training and historical insights to deepen faith, and leave youth feeling confident and anchored in their walks with Christ.

Safari also hosts monthly celebrity speaking tours. One tuesday each month Christian celebrity pastors, apologetics, authors, radio show hosts and theologians, conduct appearances and presentations. Tickets are available to these optional events on a limited seating basis to members for $25, with free tickets available with every purchase to invite those you wish to inspire, and who might be contemplating a faith-based decision.

Safari multimedia installations are available for rent to larger member companies that wish to use the room for staff presentations, stockholder meetings, or simulcast presentations to their teams in other Safari cities. The Safari facilities are available for rent on a first-come, first-serve basis, and when a city is booked it will be displayed on the calendar.

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