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About Safari Christian Business Alliance

It is the best monthly business seminar, trade event, and professional networking process you will ever experience!

Safari is a comprehensive, tax-deductible, interactive, peer-to-peer, entrepreneurial network for Christian business owners. Safari is the ultimate entrepreneurial alliance in America to immediately access critical, relevant resources for Christian business owners seeking to grow operations, diversify income streams, and launch new opportunities. Safari provides nationwide access, refreshments, support materials, training, discounts on common business expenses, remarkable training, free to all paid members, each month.

Safari provides continual monthly venues for business owners and entrepreneurs that cannot be found any other place in the world. Safari unites Christian business owners and entrepreneurs with a diverse population of professionals, opportunity seekers, experts, and innovators across a wide spectrum of industries. Safari provides innovative, continual, business instruction that is immediately applied in an exciting, systemic and innovative professional networking environment. There is no other marketing venue, networking program, seminar, or organization that equals the rapid results of Safari. The Safari program delivers advanced continual training to expand critical business skills, while also providing immediate access to customers, strategic alliances, referral sources, cross marketing partners, capital resources, distribution opportunities, superior business planning, experts, mentors, inspiration and support.

For a startup business owner, Safari is the ultimate springboard for success. For Christians, the benefits reach far beyond the limits of professional aspirations. Safari’s monthly events and productions are world class, business-building events. Rapid results from combining effective education with critical contacts can be accomplished with phenomenal, ongoing support, among rapidly expanding members.

Safari sessions are scheduled throughout the year and occur each month, in each city simultaneously, with up to 1,000 members per city. Monthly events begin with an uplifting, dramatic multimedia opening ceremony that features professionally produced memoirs of the previous month’s session.

Each full day event includes two, 90-minute business development lessons, taught to improve business skills and to expand core business results. The lessons are developed, authorized and published in advance by the expert team at Safari corporate.

Lessons cover how to develop a diversified income lifestyle and new skills can be deployed within the network to achieve it. Training is also provided on intellectual property, technology, marketing, licensing, inventions, retail selling, e-tail selling, direct sales, sales closing, prospecting, time management, team building, corporate structure, business planning, public relations, manufacturing, administrative efficiencies, capital formation, crowd funding and compliance, franchising, licensing and alternatives to developing film, music, art, publishing, and non-profit endeavors.

Once a skill is introduced, understood and refined by structured routines, Safari live action networking sections are engaged, called the Safari Executive Exchange Session (SEES). The SEES session incorporates the benefits of group speed networking, with a higher level of conviction and follow-up processes between committed, contracted, permanent members. Connections are quickly made to professionals specializing in key areas.

Members can leverage their own address book contacts, with the those rapidly obtained and developed within the network, to connect the dots of success, and to create important, professional engagements. These activities frequently result in equity participation, overrides and ancillary revenue streams that contribute to a member’s annual income.

In addition to these valuable interactions, Safari provides a host of additional benefits which can be discovered on our website. A portion of from Safari membership fees is allocated to support Christian initiatives including church planting, bible missions, medical missions, housing missions, media missions and soul winning.

Join now and make a tremendous difference!


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